How To Implement Teamwork Blocks

Save hundreds of hours, bring a shared 'place' back to your team's days, and have fun doing it.
How to implement Teamwork Blocks
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
January 1, 2023

Ready to try Teamwork Blocks with your team?

The average 30-person remote team saves hundreds of hours per week with Teamwork Blocks. That's fucked up.

Ready to give your remote team that critical 'place' where they can do great work, together?

We've worked with teams to optimize getting these units on your calendar successfully, and quickly. Those tips are here, and our office is always open if you wanna chat more.

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Step 1: Take The Performance Assessment

Before using Teamwork Blocks to save time, energy, and bring your team back together to do great work...

We need to take a second to identify which performance pains your team is feeling today, or at risk of feeling soon.

Knowing these pains helps us all make sure we know what problems we're solving, the unique challenges your remote team is navigating and how many Teamwork Blocks you might want to try to get on the calendar each week.

Take the 4 minute performance assessment

Step 2: Plan For Success

What exactly does a successful Teamwork Block look and feel like?

We've got you covered. We've pulled out the important principles that lay underneath all the different implementations of these black magic calendar blocks, and put them together for you.

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Step 3: Communicate With Your Team

We suggest communicating before it goes on the calendar, so your Team knows what to expect, and why this new work unit is being added to your tech stack.

Let them know why these are little golden schedule nuggets of time saving, energizing, efficient, high impact teamwork.

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Step 4: Put It On the Calendar

Add Teamwork Blocks as a recurring work unit to your Team's calendar.

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Doing it in SoWork?

You can add links to our Help Center guide, and your or your team can ping us on live chat in-app anytime.

Step 5: Try it Out!

Get ready to feel like you're really together with your team. Driving results, having more productive meetings, and making the world a better place. Or whatever it is you do 😉

But seriously. You're truly going to feel like you're working from the same place.

And while that alone is enough to feel more connected than many remote teams have ever felt before, you're also going to drive some amazing results in a lot less time.

Want to try it out in your own SoWork office? Spin one up for free now.

Step 6: Get Feedback, Iterate

Ask your team how it went. Find out what they loved, and what was challenging.

Wanna chat, get tips, ask questions, or brainstorm together?

👋🏼 Swing by our office - we'd love to work with you to implement your Team's best version of Teamwork Blocks.