SoWork Feature List

Meetings in SoWork

The core of the SoWork virtual office experience: simply walk up to another teammate to connect over a video or audio call! As long as both teammates are set to "Available" they'll connect and have a meeting. From there you can invite others, launch your many meeting tools, convert the meeting to private, and much more.

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Meeting Zones

SoWork offers preset Meeting Zones for you and your team, for example: "All Hands", "Team Standups", "Break Rooms" and many, many more. If you're feeling creative, you can even make your own custom zones in Mapmaker.

An image of a team video meeting in a meeting zone

Screenshare and Meeting Recordings

SoWork brings screenshare to the fold with all the bells and whistles you'd expect: multiple screenshares, emoji reactions, raise hand, and more.

Meeting Recordings are a great way to enhance productivity and save time and money across your team. You can record your video meetings and share the recording with attendees or Teammates who were unable to attend.

An image of the screenshare feature in SoWork

Meeting Summaries and Meeting Library (Codex)

SoWork offers automated Meeting Summaries powered by our Smart Office AI Assistant Sophia. Sophia can summarize your meeting, assign action items, and share or email the summary to anyone of your choosing.

SoWork's Meeting Library (your 'Codex'), is your one-stop shop for all of your team's Meeting Summaries. Here, you can quickly browse meetings you've attended or missed, and even read select Meeting Summaries that Teammates have shared with you.

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Custom Background Uploads

Premium users can upload their own backgrounds or choose from a selection of unique SoWork renders for a custom look and feel.

Video Background

Background Noise Cancellation

Background Noise Cancellation for video meetings includes echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control. Noise cancellation is exclusive to Premium teams.

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Blur Background

Need a bit more privacy? SoWork features two different levels of background blur that can be toggled on and off at any time.

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Raise Hand

If you’re in a meeting and need to ask a question, feel free to use our Raise Hand feature. When you do this, all participants will see you’re ready to speak up, and can be called on accordingly!

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Emoji Reactions

If you’re in a meeting and want to acknowledge something but not necessarily speak, use our emoji reactions! You can send hearts, laughs, fire emojis, your teammate’s avatars, and more!

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Focus Mode

In a meeting and want to temporarily hide the world behind you? You can do that with SoWork’s Focus Mode, toggling it on and off as you please.

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Individual and Team Analytics

Give you and your team a competitive advantage with access to our virtual office analytics dashboards. Whether you're after social metrics for fun, or advanced productivity information, SoWork has you covered.

Analytics dashboards are exclusive to Premium teams.

Analytics Dashboards

Teammate Connection Insights

Studies show that teammates feel happiest and fulfilled at work when they have strong connections with at least 3-5 teammates. In your virtual office in SoWork, you can make sure that happens.

Connection Insights help you to see at a glance who your closest Teammates are, and who you might want to start talking to more to make sure they feel included on the team, too.

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What's Happening

The "What's Happening" tab in your SoWork Office makes it super easy to get signal on what your teammates are up to and who's around - enabling you to communicate quickly and collaborate and brainstorm effortlessly.

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Online Status and Working Hours

Whether it's time for deep work or if IRL beckons you can set your avatar's online status accordingly. Available let's others connect to you via proximity while Unavailable let's other's know that you're away.

Working hours let your teammates know what times you’re working and are generally available. At the end of your day when you are offline, they will also let others know when you'll be back.

An image of availability insights in SoWork


Decision and notification fatigue is real but in SoWork we'll do the heavy lifting for you. With at a glance memo notifications you can quickly see and prioritize tasks around unblocking projects and moving work forward versus catching up or teammate bonding.

An image of the SoWork memo system


If you want everyone’s attention to make an announcement, you can do this by using our Broadcast feature. You can broadcast to everyone in your Office or everyone in one room in your Office.

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This feature allows you to make a quick text announcement to the whole Office. It’s accompanied by a ping to get everyone’s attention, and appears on the screen of all users in the room!

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Say and Emojis

Want to have a little chat with text above your head? That’s exactly what you can do with our /say feature. This pairs well with our regular emojis menu - emojis you can use at any time, including outside of meetings. Anything you say above your head or any emojis you use can be seen by the whole office, creating a lively atmosphere.

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Vacation Indicator

If you’re heading on vacation and want your teammates to know, you can use our Vacation Indicator feature that shows you’re gone and when you’ll be back, all within the What’s Happening Menu.

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Mini Map

Mini Map showcases who’s in your Office, where they are, and lets you to travel to them with just a click.

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Our chat is robust, allowing you to create large channels, smaller group chats, send DMs, pictures, videos, emojis, GIFs, and much more.

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Need to talk to someone but their status is set to Unavailable? You can Ring this person and initiate a call, which plays a ringtone on their end - just like a regular phone call. If they are able to answer, you’re be automatically connected for a meeting.

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You can zoom in and out, double click to walk around, use Mini Map, but did you know you’re also able to pan around in SoWork? This allows you to stay where you are while also getting a closer view of what’s going on across the Office.

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Mapmaker and Avatars

SoWork's Mapmaker offers everything from preset options to fully customizable offices, furniture, landscapes, Meeting Zones, holiday themes, importable map art and objects, and more. If you can dream it, you can do it in SoWork!

An image of the mapmaker feature with custom avatars

A few examples of custom offices and teammate avatars in SoWork

My Workspot

Having your own spot in your virtual Office is a great way to let others know where to find you and gives you the opportunity to decorate your desk and walls in style with our Mapmaker. When you're offline your Workspot serves as a beacon location where teammates can message and leave you memos for when you return.

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Deluxe Art Assets and Character Items

With the loads of assets available to Basic and Premium teams in Mapmaker, your team can build the virtual office of your dreams. These special Deluxe assets are exclusive paid teams.

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DLC Items

There's a massive collection of DLC items in SoWork, from skateboards to scooters and spacesuits. You could even be a genie!

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Get your very own pet in SoWork! A huge variety of pets (and pet-like creatures) are available to choose from.

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Teammates and Visitor Passes

The SoWork Basic and Premium plans allow for unlimited members in your virtual office. Teammates and Admins have access to all core features in SoWork.

A Visitor Pass grants your Guests access to your office for 2 hours. Guests are temporary visitors to your virtual office, they have fewer permissions and cannot access your Office's Premium features or Teammate data (like Mapmaker or your Automated Meeting Summaries).

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Slack and Google Calendar

With integrations for Slack, Google Calendar, and more, you can streamline your app switching so you can spend more time on the work that really matters.

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One of SoWork's calendar integrations


Use Zapier to connect SoWork's AI summaries and action items to all of your team's most popular apps. Send AI Meeting Summaries to Notion so you can store them with all your other notes. Synchronize Action Items to Asana tasks, so your team can take action as soon as the meeting ends. The possibilities are endless!

Zapier integrations are exclusively available for Premium Offices and Trials.

Zapier, SoWork, and Slack

Microsoft Outlook

With the Outlook integration you can sync your Calendar events to SoWork, display your next two upcoming events, and receive notifications about them.

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Why Remote Teams Love SoWork 💜

Christopher S

SoWork has played a crucial role in bringing our team closer together. One of the key factors for us was giving each team member the opportunity to create their own unique and engaging work environment. With SoWork, it's incredibly easy for team members to connect online, collaborate, and engage with one another.

Jana E
Strategy and Innovation Specialist

SoWork has not only heightened the hybrid work experience, it has surpassed it. Today, there are many features on the platform that I wish we had in real-life. These are so good and make so much sense that we even tried to implement some of these features in our physical office.

Russell S
Developer Relations Manager

SoWork’s AI note-taking tool is just a game-changer. This feature automatically takes notes during meetings and transcribes them for easy reference later on.

These automated meeting summaries save time and ensure that important information is not missed, and action items are automatically created.

Morgan T
MD-PhD Candidate at Harvard

I've had phenomenal coworking and also social experiences on SoWork - night and day from remote work on Zoom because interactions among teammates feel so much more natural and spontaneous.

In my experience the SoWork team is also super-responsive to feedback and needs of customers.

Diego T
Mid-Market Business Owner

SoWork is stable and offers great audio and video quality.

Emily F
Investor, Mama, Wife

SoWork bridges the gap between physical distance to bring teams closer and foster a sense of of unity, engagement, and productivity.

I wholeheartedly recommend SoWork to anyone seeking to elevate their remote work experience.

Pricing Plans

Upgrade, switch, or cancel anytime. (Special pricing for Communities - send us a message!)


Limited to 10 members

✔️ Up to 10 members

✔️ Unlimited number of meetings

⚠️ 30-minute limit for every meeting

⚠️ No video

⚠️ Limited support


Small Teams on a Budget

✔️ Unlimited members

✔️ Unlimited number of meetings

✔️ Unlimited meeting length
✔️ Video

⚠️ Limited support


High Performance Teams

✔️ Unlimited members
✔️ Unlimited number of meetings

✔️ Unlimited meeting length
✔️ Video
✔️ Priority live support

✨ Meeting recordings (more)
✨ AI meeting summaries (more)
✨ Team analytics (more)
✨ Zapier integrations (more)
✨ Noise cancellation
✨ Team demos, onboarding support