Drag screen sharing video, bug fixes, and more

Wow, that time of week again, eh? Monday! New features day!
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Vishal Punwani, Co-founder & CEO
September 29, 2023

Howdy SoWorkers!

Wow, that time of week, eh? Monday! New features day! So it turns out the things I said would get shipped this week are slightly behind. But don't worry, I have a little feature to keep you held over until we release them.

🎥 You can now move the little circular video that appears when someone is screen sharing. Now it won't get in your way of viewing important content onscreen! We released this last week but now it has a fix where you can move it anywhere on screen. You can double click to enlarge it, too.

🛠️ New flow for logging in authenticated teammates.

🛠️ Daypass Guest links now show how long they're valid for in the generation screen.

🛠️ Minor performance and monitoring improvements.

We're heads down working on some bigger goodies for next week. Hope you have a great week ahead!

Yours in great work,

CEO, SoWork

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