Pinned screenshare, fixes, and more

It's that time again - your favorite day of the week!
Sophia Bot from SoWork welcoming the Fall season
Vishal Punwani, Co-founder & CEO
September 15, 2023

Howdy SoWorkers!

It's that time again - your favorite day of the week - MONDAY! Well, from a goodies perspective it has to be. Right? ....right?

Here's what you get this week:

🧩 We started releasing **Templated Maps** for various purposes. There will undoubtedly be some that tickle your fancy! Some examples: All-hands meetings, 1on1s, Deep work, and more.

🖥️ The **screenshare button is now pinned to the center console** so you don't lose it. EVER.

🏎️ Various **performance improvements**.

🛠️ **Fixed a bug** where your video tile could sometimes disappear (What??!? Anyways, settle, petal. It's fixed.)

🛠️ **Fixed a bug** where 'teleport' objects would cause a crash.

Plenty more goodies on the way! We'll be shipping CUSTOMIZABLE MEETING ZONE SIZES to you THIS WEEK! Probably in 1-2 days :)

Yours in great work,

CEO, SoWork**

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