Notable events, upgrades to notifications, memos, and more

Wow, another release the very same week as a bunch of goodies. How lucky are YOU? 😇
Sophia Bot and Shocky of SoWork lying down in the grass because they can work from anywhere
Vishal Punwani, Co-founder & CEO
May 19, 2023

Howdy SoWorkers!

Wow, another release this very same week of a bunch of goodies. How lucky are YOU? 😇

🗓 The loading screen now shows an activity feed full of recent events around the Office. You won't miss a thing anymore!

📕 You can now leave your teammates custom memos!

🔔 You can now clear all of your notifications easily.

⌨️ You can now easily rename rooms. Menu --> Change Rooms --> (click the three dot menu and it's there!)

📡 You can now see your own internet connection strength on your own video tile.

📺 Your video layout settings are now saved between meetings.

⌛️ Improved loading times when loading into large Offices.

👾 Squished a WHOLE bunch of bugs!

🎨 A bunch of various UI and UX tweaks to make things nicer for y'all.

Whew! How much is that!? Don't worry, you deserve it. We'll keep it coming.

Yours in great work,

Vish, CEO of SoWork ✌🏽

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