Sophia Bot Summarizes and provides Action Items for your meetings

Sophia Bot went LIVE a few days ago, and she is amazing! Check out the details!
Sophia Bot is live!
Vishal Punwani, Co-founder & CEO
April 16, 2023

Howdy SoWorkers!

OKAY, are you sitting down? Sophia Bot went LIVE a few days ago, and she is amazing! Read more below:

🤖 **You can now get Meeting Summaries and Action Items from ALL of your meetings**. Wow! Get ready to save SO much time. In any meeting, look for the little Sophia Bot icon and give it a click. After your meeting, she will give you an editable summary which you can tweak and publish for your whole team so everyone is on the same page. Let us know what you think of her!

📝 You can now **set a 'Meeting Topic'** that shows up in your What's Happening tab. This way, you know whether you need to join that meeting or not.

🙌🏽 We vastly improved and **simplified the invite process for new Teammates and Guests**. Try it out by inviting more of your teammates to your Office!

🇧🇷 We shipped an ultra cool **Brazil-themed map**! Try it out!

👾 As usual, squished many **bugs**.

As I say every week - we appreciate your trust. Please let us know what else is missing and we'll get right on it!

Until next week.

CEO, SoWork

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