Data dashboards, custom status, and more!

It's that day again, the day of PRESENTS! Here's what you get this week...
New items in SoWork, November 3rd 2023
Vishal Punwani, Co-founder & CEO
November 3, 2023

Howdy SoWorkers!

It's that day again, the day of PRESENTS! Here's what you get this week:

📊 You get quite possibly the most amazing data dashboards of all time. Look at it for super insightful data about you and your team. You'll also get some silly stuff, like how many times you've jumped and spent sitting :)

💬 You can now FINALLY set a custom status to tell the office what you're up to. It also displays above your avatar's head! Change your status by clicking on your 'Available/Unavailable' area in your video tile (but we'll make this even easier this week).

🤖 Sophia Bot got an upgrade! Meeting summaries are now more detailed and helpful.

👠 You now have more shoe options! Hooray for footwear!

🪟 You now have the 'Retro' pack released in the Mapmaker. Have fun making an old-school cool Office.

🧱 Fixed a bug that could cause invisible walls to appear in your Office. Oops.

📱The SoWork iOS App now has a new 'Meetings' tab that makes it easy to catch up on Meetings you missed in a flash. You can also now set the meeting topic right from within Meeting Tools in the App.

Yours in great work,

CEO, SoWork

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