Visitor pass changes, mobile app improvements, and more!

Your favorite day again. Magic Monday! (Can we make that a thing?)
New items in SoWork, November 12 2023
Vishal Punwani, Co-founder & CEO
November 10, 2023

Howdy SoWorkers!

Your favorite day again. Magic Monday! (Can we make that a thing?)

Here's what you get this week:

🎟️ We made some changes to our Visitor Passes, making it easier than ever to manage passes for visitors to your Office. Invite away!

📱 We added your Calendar events to the SoWork iOS beta App. Now you can see all of your calendar events right inside SoWork, even on your mobile phone when you're on the go.

📆 Speaking of calendars, we slightly improved the experience of integrating your Outlook or Google calendar.

📺 We improved the video performance a bit for when you're using 'background blur'.

👚 We added new Premium accessories for your back. Do you recognize any of these from when you were a kid?

🖼️ A SUPER cool new Art Deco pack for Mapmaker.


**There's a couple of big improvements coming to you before the end of the year too:**

🫡 We're going to improve performance, battery, and CPU use with an ENTIRELY NEW ENGINE under the hood. This one should be out before mid-December and will also bring you SoWork HD. It's super pretty :)

🫡 We're working on upgrades to background images and noise cancelling as it seems they might be causing a few problems on certain computers.

🫡 You'll have a way to take fun snapshots in your Office of important Office happenings to keep in your Team's Album.

🫡 PETS are on the way - some of them were misbehaving so we had to send them to obedience training. They're almost back to being 'good boys' - we'll ship them right away when that happens!

🫡 Lots and lots of improved user experience fixes.

🫡 A few fun Xmas surprises 🎅🏼

Anyway, I've talked your ear off. I tend to do that.

Happy Monday!

CEO, SoWork

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