Templates & Tips For Running An Effective All-Hands Meeting

Templates, tips, and automated notetaking for your next all-hands meeting.
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Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
April 10, 2023

All hands meetings are essential for promoting transparency, alignment, and collaboration within an organization.

A great all hands meeting takes some planning and mistake avoiding. Our customizable all hands meeting templates will handle that for you, with and expert tips to ensure your meeting is successful.

Why Use Our All Hands Meeting Templates?

The SoWork All-Hands meeting templates are:

  • Expertly designed. Get all-hands meeting best practices built into your template. So you know your meeting will be successful.

  • Easy to use. Pick the template that fits your calendar block. Use it as is to run a great all-hands, or personalize it to your culture.

  • Smart. Our templates were designed to be used in SoWork with our AI meeting assistant. When you use these templates to run a meeting in SoWork, the meeting assistant will generate notes and summaries, and share them with your team.

What Is An All-Hands Meeting?

An all hands meeting, also known as a 'staff meeting' or 'company-wide meeting', is a gathering of all employees within an organization.

These meetings serve a variety of purposes, including sharing updates, discussing company objectives, celebrating successes, and fostering a sense of unity among team members.

Key aspects of all-hands meetings include:

Transparency and Communication

All hands meetings create an open forum for sharing company news, progress, and challenges, fostering a transparent work environment and ensuring that all employees are informed and aligned with the organization's goals.

Employee Engagement and Collaboration

By bringing the entire team together, all-hands meetings encourage cross-departmental collaboration, strengthen relationships among employees, and create opportunities for team members to share ideas and provide input.

Recognition and Motivation

All-hands meetings offer a platform for acknowledging individual and team accomplishments, boosting morale, and motivating employees to continue working toward shared objectives.

Leadership Visibility

All-hands meeting provide an opportunity for leadership to connect with employees, address concerns, answer questions, and demonstrate their support of and commitment to the company's goals and values.


All Hands Meeting Template - 30 Minutes

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All Hands Meeting Template - 45 Minutes

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All Hands Meeting Template - 60 Minutes

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  • Communicate the meeting agenda in advance
  • Encourage a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere
  • Allocate time for questions, feedback, and open discussion
  • Follow up with a summary of key takeaways and action items
  • Regularly evaluate and iterate on the meeting format based on feedback

Summaries, Action Items

Most importantly, a great all-hands meeting has a helpful summary notes that attendees can revisit, or employees who couldn't be there can review.

Taking the all-hands meeting in SoWork? You'll use SoWork's AI meeting assistant to take notes and summaries for you automatically, and share them with your team for you.

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How to Use the All-Hands Meeting Template in SoWork

  • Create a free office here
  • Follow the steps to invite your team
  • Walk up to each other to connect to a meeting
  • Enable the AI-meeting assistant to take notes and summarize your all-hands
  • Follow your ready-to-use template from this page

That's it! The template will ensure you have a successful all-hands meeting. And SoWork's AI meeting assistant will do all the work for you to document and share that great staff meeting.