Where Remote Teams Work

When teams work from a shared place, they feel like they're working beside each other. This instantly breaks down silos and brings spontaneous collaboration back.

But it also supercharges productivity. Teams drop hours of back and forth on chat tools. They stop scheduling all those 60 minute meetings with too many attendees. Instead, they just walk up to each other and take 5 minutes to connect.

And because they're working from an AI-powered workplace, insights are helping them work smarter. Automations are saving them hours.

The work gets done 10x faster. And your team feels like a team again.

Every Meeting Type You Need

Whether it's a spontaneous video connection, a private meeting with confidential information, or a team meeting zone for All Hands - SoWork has everything you need for productive, remote coworking.

Smarter, Productive Meetings

Sophia Bot will summarize what was discussed, provide action items, and outline decisions made.

Cut out follow-up meetings because everyone has a summary of what happened. Remove extra meetings to catch other teammates up. And shift into action immediately, because the next steps are outlined for you.

Your Office, Your Culture

With SoWork's MapMaker, your office will represent your team. Your culture.

Recreate the physical office for a lot less rent. Put your company values on the wall, so your team can use them every day.

Use templates to do it quickly, or control the details yourself.

Straightforward, Team-friendly Pricing

✨ Free Office

For small teams on a budget
$0 /user/month

Free includes:
✅ Any Size Office
✅ Unlimited Teammates

❌ 30-Minute Meeting Length
❌ No Basic or Premium Features
❌ Limited Support

⭐ Basic Office

For teams getting work done
$4.00 /user/month

All Free features, plus:
✅ Unlimited Meeting Length
✅ 15% off DLC
✅ Full Support