Better In Meetings. Faster In Between Meetings.

Host a meeting. Chat on the fly. Move your work forward.
Stay productive no matter how or where you work.

Welcome to The Workplace Metaverse
Putting the “place” back in work so you can get out of meetings and down to business.

Moving the world’s best teams from the Earth 🌎 to the Cloud ☁️

Two avatars standing in an office talking about a meeting time.

⏰ Take control of time zones

Find the right time to connect to keep your work moving forward – no matter when or where you like to work.

🚨 Don’t let missed connections slow you down

Stop sending endless messages to try and track teammates down. If they’re not at their desk, let them know what you need so you can get back to work.

🎧 Let your status speak for you

See someone’s availability to help decide when and how to connect – so you can keep interruptions to a minimum and momentum to a maximum.

Global teams connect and collaborate in SoWork

“Building this space in SoWork where all of our employees, regardless of location, are able to be present at Tinder HQ together has been an exciting way to build the connective tissue we need to support remote work.”

- Nicole Senior, VP of Culture & DE&I at Tinder

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