Meet Quickly and Collaborate Easily

Sales and Marketing teams need to collaborate quickly, easily and often. They use SoWork to move work forward fast with tools like meeting finder for easy spontaneous collaborations, simultaneous screenshare, and AI generated meeting summaries to capture client meetings and sales metrics.

Spin up your own free office to discover the future of remote work.

Spend More Time on What Matters ✅

Sales and marketing teams spend a lot of time in meetings. And all that prep, in-meeting documenting, post-meeting communicating or clarifying... it adds up.

SoWork's AI-powered meeting tools are here to save you a ton of time. Catch up on meetings you missed, skip the note taking, get your to-dos automatically... All done for you when you meet in SoWork.

Stay In The Know

A SoWork office makes it super easy to know when a conversation is happening that you need to be a part of. You'll always know about an upcoming product launch, the engineering show & tell, or a big client meeting. Wanna join? Just walk up to connect, virtual meetings are that easy!

Focus on What's Next

Need to know when it's time to prep for your next meeting? No problem, we've got you covered with calendar integrations and notifications that keep you tethered to your work without the need for constant tab and device swapping.

We'll give you a heads up on your next two events and any changes you need to make can be launched right in the SoWork app. We'll work harder so you can work smarter.

Level Up Productivity for Less Than Two Lattes a Month

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Free Office

For small teams on a budget
$0 /user/month

Free includes:

✔️ Any size Office

✔️ Unlimited customization

✔️ Unlimited teammates

✔️ Unlimited meetings

⚠️ 30-minute meeting length

⚠️ Audio-only meetings

⚠️ No Basic or Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

Basic Office

For teams getting work done
$6.00 /user/month

Free features, plus

✔️ Unlimited video and audio meetings

✔️ Unlimited meeting length

⚠️ No Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

Premium Office

For hyper-efficient teams
$13.00 /user/month

Basic features, plus

✔️ Meeting recordings (more)

✔️ AI meeting summaries (more)

✔️ Team analytics

✔️ Noise cancellation

✔️ Zapier integrations

✔️ Premium furniture and clothing

✔️ Priority support