Meet Quickly and Collaborate Easily

Product and Design teams need to collaborate quickly, easily and often. They use SoWork to move work forward fast with tools like meeting finder for easy spontaneous collaborations, simultaneous screenshare, and AI generated meeting summaries to capture design feedback and product ideas.

Spin up your own free office to discover the future of remote work.

Spend More Time Designing 🎨

Someone miss the product update meeting? No problem, catch them up with an automated meeting summary powered by our smart office AI assistant. No more jotting down meeting minutes!

Whether you're pushing projects forward, brainstorming new ideas, or peer reviewing prototypes and sketches, we'll help free you up from with all that post-meeting catch-up and email so you can get back to what matters - creating.

Stay "in the know" of Your Creative Team

A SoWork virtual office makes it super easy to get signal on what your teammates are up to and who's around - enabling you to communicate quickly and collaborate and brainstorm effortlessly.

Create Together

Whether it's wireframes, prototypes, documents, or photoshop, multiple screenshares will allow you to get content creation done quickly and keep your productivity moving towards the weekend 🏁

Your Office, Your Personality

From preset options to fully customizable offices, characters, and importable map art and objects - we've got you covered. If you can think it up chances are you can do it in SoWork. Welcome to the virtual office that gives you the freedom of expression to be yourself.

Level Up Productivity for Less Than Two Lattes a Month

Take us for a free spin. No credit card needed.

Free Office

For small teams on a budget
$0 /user/month

Free includes:

✔️ Any size Office

✔️ Unlimited customization

✔️ Unlimited teammates

✔️ Unlimited meetings

⚠️ 30-minute meeting length

⚠️ Audio-only meetings

⚠️ No Basic or Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

Basic Office

For teams getting work done
$6.00 /user/month

Free features, plus

✔️ Unlimited video and audio meetings

✔️ Unlimited meeting length

⚠️ No Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

Premium Office

For hyper-efficient teams
$13.00 /user/month

Basic features, plus

✔️ Meeting recordings (more)

✔️ AI meeting summaries (more)

✔️ Team analytics

✔️ Noise cancellation

✔️ Zapier integrations

✔️ Premium furniture and clothing

✔️ Priority support