Improve Collaboration without More Meetings

Managers use SoWork to focus on being available where their remote team needs them with less meetings. How?

SoWork makes it easy to connect spontaneously, control availability, catch up easily, and engage/bond in ways deeper and often faster than slapping a 60 minute hold on the calendar.

Spin up your own personal office and find out what the future of work looks like.

Keep Team Connections Strong

Connection Insights keep track of people you need to touch base with and give you the ability to instantly schedule or meet with them when that communication falls off.

Studies show that teammates feel happiest when they have strong connections with at least 3-5 teammates. In SoWork's virtual meetings you can make sure that happens.

Always be "in the know" with your Team

A SoWork virtual office makes it super easy to get signal on what your teammates are up to and who's around - enabling you to communicate quickly and move projects forward effortlessly.

Keep Everyone Updated So You Can Move Work Forward Faster

Someone miss the project management meeting? No problem, catch them up with an automated meeting summary powered by our smart office AI assistant. She'll even assign action items if you wish. Say no to meeting minutes 💯.

Gone are the days when you had to have a meeting to talk about what was said in the earlier meeting.

Boost Productivity for Less Than The Cost of Your Next Uber Ride

Take us for a free spin. No credit card needed.

🤗 Free

For small teams on a budget
$0 /user/month

Free includes:

✔️ Up to 10 teammates

✔️ Any size Office

✔️ Unlimited customization

✔️ Unlimited meetings

⚠️ 30-minute meeting length

⚠️ Audio-only meetings

⚠️ No Basic or Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

🌱 Basic

For teams getting work done
$6.00 /user/month

Free features, plus

✔️ Unlimited teammates

✔️ Unlimited video and audio meetings

✔️ Unlimited meeting length

✔️ Deluxe furniture and clothing

⚠️ No Premium features

⚠️ Limited support


For hyper-efficient teams
$13.00 /user/month

Basic features, plus

✔️ Unlimited teammates

✔️ Meeting recordings (more)

✔️ AI meeting summaries (more)

✔️ Team analytics

✔️ Noise cancellation

✔️ Zapier integrations

✔️ Priority support