Focus on What Matters

Engineering teams need to be able to prioritize what matters. They use SoWork for deep work and paired programming with the ability to be present but control interruptions.

SoWork's AI assistant complements these efforts by efficiently summarizing meetings, assigning action items, and effortlessly distributing the information to team members of your selection.

Discover how your team can stay on track and streamline collaboration.

Spend More Time on Actual Engineering 🛠️

Meeting about a hard problem and want to remember the ideas? In the deep work zone, but have a meeting to attend? SoWork's AI-powered meeting summaries will handle note taking, to-do creation, and sending content to your team. Letting you spend more of your work day doing real work.

Be In the Office AND Get Work Done

Being with the team and doing deep work can often be mutually exclusive but that isn't the case in SoWork.

With easy-to-use features such as statuses, meeting rooms, memos, and what's happening, you can control your involvement and signal to others what kind of work you're doing or what kind of collaboration you're looking for.

Staying focused and aligned has never been easier than it is in SoWork.

Move Faster on Engineering Projects

Decision and notification fatigue is real but in SoWork we'll do the heavy lifting for you. With at a glance memo notifications you can quickly see and prioritize tasks around unblocking projects and moving work forward versus catching up or teammate bonding.

You shouldn't have to work to figure out what to work on, SoWork can help.

Boost Productivity for Less Than The Price of Your Next Code Camp

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Free Office

For small teams on a budget
$0 /user/month

Free includes:

✔️ Any size Office

✔️ Unlimited customization

✔️ Unlimited teammates

✔️ Unlimited meetings

⚠️ 30-minute meeting length

⚠️ Audio-only meetings

⚠️ No Basic or Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

Basic Office

For teams getting work done
$6.00 /user/month

Free features, plus

✔️ Unlimited video and audio meetings

✔️ Unlimited meeting length

⚠️ No Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

Premium Office

For hyper-efficient teams
$13.00 /user/month

Basic features, plus

✔️ Meeting recordings (more)

✔️ AI meeting summaries (more)

✔️ Team analytics

✔️ Noise cancellation

✔️ Zapier integrations

✔️ Premium furniture and clothing

✔️ Priority support