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Joelle BaileyCognitive Space

My team uses SoWork daily! It's extremely easy to use and integrate with your team. And if you have a problem? The SoWork team is so responsive and helpful. You'll hear back within minutes, if that.

Luis MeloCEO, Abaré

I've tried them all - and SoWork is the best platform for working remotely with my team. We're all over Brazil, and it still makes us feel connected just like if we were together again in person.

Linh YanSupervisor, BPM

There are so many customization options, it's easy to use, and the team is super responsive. We've tried a few, and SoWork is now my number one choice in virtual offices.

Why Choose SoWork vs Gather?

Why Choose SoWork vs Gather?

Read more in this article about how we compare SoWork to Gather and why SoWork is a fantastic fit for your team.

Why Choose SoWork vs Kumospace?

Why Choose SoWork vs Kumospace?

A side-by-side comparison of SoWork vs. Kumospace

Smooth Transition

Before you know it, you’ll be in the Office you never knew you always wanted, while keeping everything you liked about your previous space.

For teams larger than 50, let us help transition your team by recreating your current office layout in our platform.


How does SoWork differ from Gather and Kumospace?

SoWork is purpose-built for healthy workplaces by real people who have held real jobs. People who genuinely care about making work better. It’s even in our name - social, online work! Gather was built for birthday parties and baby showers, while Kumospace was built for…Kumo’ing (?). Our focus is on workplace only, to help your team bring out its greatness. For more, check out our SoWork vs Gather article:

What IS SoWork?

Can I replace other team softwares with SoWork?

How do I access new Premium-only features after subscribing?

How much can I customize?

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